A Thanksgiving Eve Poem

[I like to keep all my poetry in the same place, so I will just post this again even though I originally posted this on my school-related blog (without the explanation here; you can look at it there if you’re interested).]   Fried Cabbage in the Kyomushil (teachers’ office) Eager noses pressed up against doors […]


He is the First Person who has ever asked Me to talk— More. Have I changed? left my Garrulous Self behind in the lonely days where too much talking only made louder the Silence of echoing Manque? or is it a sincere desire to see, to Sea, to dive deep down into the depths of […]

modern art

once twice thrice a needle spins and a bowl of rice will make a feast of color to thrill and suffice in a stream of impressionistic but not impressionable eyes. What is color and form, blank canvases on a wall, the hue of Modernity? I found this scribbled on a scrap of paper, my thoughts […]


The sky is a swathe of murky milk and grey, clouds on clouds on a child’s mobile toy dangling just out of reach in a haze of infant memories. This a random thought/poem that I scribbled down sometime during winter break (if you can scribble something down on an iPhone… tap-speedily-down just doesn’t have the […]


where you are now is where I cannot be even if I tried would I be lying or crying in this space where all I want is to touch break open your heart and mend it in turn but can I do that with my hands and will words be sufficient to make you understand […]