Finding Family

On a brief note related to the post I just published, this morning I went to see “Finding Dory” with the ‘kids’ in my host family (aka little sister and cousins). The movie itself was more of a touching melodrama than a lighthearted comedy like its predecessor, and there were many “aww”-worthy moments throughout. The […]

Noona, Onni, Agassi–Names my Host Family Calls Me

This is how I want to remember my Korean host family. These brief sketches don’t do full justice to the wonderful people that they are, but hopefully capture the essence of their kindness to me. I am truly grateful for how deeply I have come to know and love them over such a short span […]

A Thanksgiving Eve Poem

[I like to keep all my poetry in the same place, so I will just post this again even though I originally posted this on my school-related blog (without the explanation here; you can look at it there if you’re interested).]   Fried Cabbage in the Kyomushil (teachers’ office) Eager noses pressed up against doors […]

simple blessings

Three friends came back to Forbes with me to study! We found a quiet environment, worked productively for two hours, and now I’m sleeping (relatively) early! I almost can’t believe it, especially the first part. God really answers prayer. -On a side note, I think I’m going to try to write here without using my […]