Noona, Onni, Agassi–Names my Host Family Calls Me

This is how I want to remember my Korean host family. These brief sketches don’t do full justice to the wonderful people that they are, but hopefully capture the essence of their kindness to me. I am truly grateful for how deeply I have come to know and love them over such a short span […]

A Thanksgiving Eve Poem

[I like to keep all my poetry in the same place, so I will just post this again even though I originally posted this on my school-related blog (without the explanation here; you can look at it there if you’re interested).]   Fried Cabbage in the Kyomushil (teachers’ office) Eager noses pressed up against doors […]


He is the First Person who has ever asked Me to talk— More. Have I changed? left my Garrulous Self behind in the lonely days where too much talking only made louder the Silence of echoing Manque? or is it a sincere desire to see, to Sea, to dive deep down into the depths of […]

modern art

once twice thrice a needle spins and a bowl of rice will make a feast of color to thrill and suffice in a stream of impressionistic but not impressionable eyes. What is color and form, blank canvases on a wall, the hue of Modernity? I found this scribbled on a scrap of paper, my thoughts […]