10 reasons to keep writing (blogging)

  1. I want to continue the good work that God has encouraged me to start by starting this blog six years ago!
  2. It is summer and I should not have any excuses about time or fatigue from work.
  3. I love writing.
  4. I love rereading past blog posts and reliving these memories.
  5. It forces me to slow down and reflect.
  6. Blogging is a much more curated form of reflecting than my personal diary, and I’m much more likely to reread my blog posts.
  7. It helps keep me connected with the faithful few who read what I write.
  8. It may encourage more people to read what I write in the future… because there will be something to read.
  9. It keeps the creative juices flowing.
  10. Developing more discipline in life.


Great! Now I am feeling more motivated (and hopefully some of these apply to you as well, if you are lacking motivation to keep writing!). I also feel good about myself because I just finished my first post in 14 months (and I don’t mean this one)! It’s a general reflection on my first year of teaching English in the US, so I wrote it on my other blog: recent schooldaydreams post

11. It feels GOOD! 😀 (bonus one, just for you)

I have been doing a lot of school-related reading and planning and visiting/meeting up with different friends for the past 2.5 weeks of summer, which is all very good and meaningful and fun, but not really worth writing about, so we will let these early June weeks pass with just this post. However, I will be traveling all around Asia for 40 days starting on June 25 (until Aug 3), which will be very exciting, so stay tuned! (Yes, I am telling you to stay tuned because I want to imagine that people will be expecting me to write, which will give me some pressure to actually write! 😛 In reality, much of my summer travel plans currently consist of reading and cats and coffee shops, so they may not be that exciting to anyone but myself… but we shall see! Ho ho ho! You may be able to tell that I am writing this very late at night because I do not want to sleep. But sleep I will.)


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