Farewell to this familiar place

Today I wandered my way back to the place where once, I danced with God–

On the break of dawn,
just as the crescent moon and Venus winked
their final silver winks and faded into the emerging blue and then–

The Sun
Burst magnificence onto the horizon an all consuming fire blinding glorious and warming
the cool spaces between my
toes as they touched the dewy grass–

God touched my shoulder lightly and took my hand,
twirled me around once, twice
and told me to keep looking,
keep looking in His direction–

Four years and the assurance planted in my heart has blossomed and sprung up
Lush and green like the summer grass upon which I now sit and reflect
Tall and strong like the trees have grown,
Full and whispering with the gentle wind like the voice that says,
You see, I was with you then and I am with you now.
You see, how the promises were fulfilled and how trust grows quietly to smooth all anxiety into assurance like a mother’s hand,
soft, but firm–


The light touch of the summer evening’s sun is golden and quiet too.


Looking at all that has passed between this familiar scene and myself, I love
even the dandelions at my feet that glow quietly, whether trodden or gently woven into bracelets and crowns through the years, they are, like me, nonetheless
grateful to have been here. 

Inhale deeply, and a fresh breeze of thankfulness flutters the curtains
of my heartstrings, the knots having loosened in the wind–
A final look, a slow turn
And a peace that I’ll carry with me as I finally say
Farewell, to this familiar place.
–                                                                                                                                                                                                         –
[June 14, 2017; Princeton, NJ]

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