Finding Family

On a brief note related to the post I just published, this morning I went to see “Finding Dory” with the ‘kids’ in my host family (aka little sister and cousins). The movie itself was more of a touching melodrama than a lighthearted comedy like its predecessor, and there were many “aww”-worthy moments throughout. The part that got to me the most, however, was the line when Nemo asks Marlin, “Does this mean we have to say goodbye to Dory?” and also the general idea that Marlin and Nemo are as much ‘family’ to Dory as her real parents that she lost long ago, because they are the ones who took her in and accepted her when she had no one else to go to. I choked back tears at that line because I couldn’t help but think about having to say goodbye to this Korean family that I love so dearly, not knowing when I’ll get to see them again, unlike my biological family that I love and miss as well but can always look forward to reuniting with.

In spite of how sad I feel about saying goodbye, I am simultaneously incredibly grateful. I know that to love and be loved to the extent that I feel this strongly about parting is a huge blessing. I also know that Imo (host mom) would make fun of me to no end if she knew that I cried while watching an 애니메이션 (animation, which in her mind is a cartoon for babies, no matter how much her niece and I tell her otherwise) about fish. #20대에 (twenties’ life)


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