A Thanksgiving Eve Poem

[I like to keep all my poetry in the same place, so I will just post this again even though I originally posted this on my school-related blog (without the explanation here; you can look at it there if you’re interested).]


Fried Cabbage in the Kyomushil (teachers’ office)

Eager noses pressed up against doors and windows, peering in,

breath fogging up the glass

What is it? What is it? I can’t see! Smells good—

Here comes Teacher, will she take pity?

it’s cold outside—


Time for class.

Kids scurry off—still, a few noses and sighs

Linger in the corridor.


A chuckle slides opens the door: Welcome.

Step into the room now, another world—


tips of Ears, Nose and Fingers suddenly aglow

the hearty crackling of grease permeates the air,

paechu jeon sizzling in a pan.


The room is bright with anticipation

as six or so surround the expert hand—

flip! crack! sizzle…

a steady buzz of chatter and cheer

complement the spitter-spattering of the prize—

Do you have cabbage in America?

—a deft motion, deference (or maybe preference) to the delicacy at hand




for a split second by the flying object

momentarily poised to wreak havoc


break—disrupt, disturb, suspend—our heady expectation of perfect satisfaction to come


then, swiftly as it came, summoned back as if by magic

SNAP! Perfect landing.


sizzle, crack, sizzle…

back to the same simmering state, just

smelling of


And common grace fills the room.


Soon—a Feast! It’s not quite Thanksgiving, but the spirit is here

Chopsticks separate at lightning speed

Dip, drip, devour

Crispy cabbage with a kick of spice

Flavor of delight.


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