Manna Senior Banquet “Speech”

[Thought I should finally put this up. My parting (but definitely not final!) words to my Manna family :)–May 10, 2015]

Freshmen: you did it! Survived a year,
and though your seniors are going away,
chin up! come back without any fear
Cuz we’ll still be available to talk and to pray
And besides, you’ll have all of these wonderful peers
To share in good times with, to cry and to cheer with
so walk on with faith cuz four years is
but a breath, so take it slowly.

Sophomores: next year you’ll no longer be “wise fools”
And you’ll likely be tempted to think you’re too cool
Or more likely too busy to spend time with your friends
But it’s not true! A JP is only a paper or two in the end
Eat with strangers, brave new dangers, but remember this rule
With God, parents, siblings, roommates and good friends,
You’ll make it through anything coming round the bend!

Juniors: thank you for walking with us all this way
And now that we’re here I don’t know what to say
We’ll miss you all dearly I know that’s for sure
Next year may seem daunting but if you endure
You’ll soon realize that by prayer and faith
Yourselves you’ll surprise and by this time next May
You’ll be graduating just like us, full of joy and the knowledge that God always provides for you, your class, and all the other people at Manna and Princeton that you’ve been so blessed to serve and learn from. I know that’s how I feel.

To my class, and to the staff, thank you for being there with me through it all. You’ve been a huge part of helping me to become who I am today and who I’ll be next fall–and probably long after that too. I love you and I’ll miss you all.


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