scattered thoughts

end of WEEK 3 beginning of WEEK 4; 28 juillet

So I was recruited to pick cherries from the garden before lunchtime on Sunday afternoon, and they really do stain your fingers red (and sweet)! Hehe. I really enjoyed it, bees and all (danger! excitement! but… not too much, s’il vous plait)! I think I’d like to have a cherry tree in my garden too one day, if I should ever have a garden.

I’m at the halfway point of my internship/time in France! Approximately 23 days have already gone by, and approximately 23 days are left! This is exciting and scary at the same time—exciting because I’ve survived this long, and I can actually tell how much my French has improved (and my colleagues at work can too, which is great, because that proves I’m not imagining it :D), and I am optimistic about how much more I can continue to learn now that I’m less afraid to talk to people! XD Scary because, well, it’s halfway over and that’s a shame, and at the same time, also because it’s only halfway over but I feel like I’ve been here forever (I really miss you all)!


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