reality strikes!

end of WEEK 3, Saturday and Sunday, 27-28 juillet 2013

Reality strikes! …in the form of multiple grands orages, thunderstorms that fly in out of nowhere, cut the electricity off at random, either in flashes, 5-6 times within half an hour (so I have to keep restarting the office computer -___-) or just completely blacking out the house for 2-3 hours. However, the bizarreness of Norman weather means that storms are only permitted to rage for around 40 minutes at a time(often less), and they are promptly replaced by blue skies and sunshine at each interval. Unpredictable and inconvenient, yes, but overall quite an enjoyable phenomenon! XD

Sunday, during our jazz concert at Dozulé, on a lovely green field normally used for horse-racing, exactly half of the sky turned frighteningly gray, while the other half mocked our apprehension with its picnic-perfect weather—light thundering and sprinkles threatened the happiness of the concert-goers (and of course our team as well, for we would surely have to deal with various unpleasanteries if the general mood turned sour), but everyone’s spirits were quickly restored by the result of this uncanny combination of sun and rain…


A RAINBOW!!! 😀 Thank you, Lord, and Noah (for surviving to receive the covenant I guess haha)!

This was probably the biggest, most complete rainbow I’ve ever seen, and paired with the light-hearted jazz music and the smiling faces of the auditeurs, I couldn’t have imagined a better Sunday afternoon-evening atmosphere! The best way I can think of to describe how I felt then is to say that it was like living in a painting, my smiling heart spread upon a canvas warmed by the bold and clever strokes of God’s own hand—or something else just as cheesy, but hey I’ll take the cheese if it’s from Normandie and if I can enjoy it under un arc en ciel tellement magnifique! Praise the Lord for sun and rain, and promises kept through the ages. ☺


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