better days

2 août, 2013 Friday, early afternoon, end of WEEK 4

I’m so happy right now, I find it hard to believe! I’m also starting to have trouble typing on my American keyboard because my fingers think a bunch of the letters are supposed to be in different places now (#gettingusedtoFrance!).

This is the prayer I read this morning for the sixth week of Manna devotionals, and I love it because it echoes so well with my thoughts this weekend: 

O God, who has prepared for those who love you such good

things as pass man’s understanding: pour into our hearts such

love toward you, that we, loving you above all things, may obtain

your promises, which exceed all that we can desire; through Jesus

Christ our Lord. Amen.

I’m happy because the Lord is slowly but surely answering all my prayers (big and small). I feel like every time I’m down, He picks me up much sooner than I expect, often before I even think to ask Him to do anything, because he knows my every need even more than I do. It’s almost silly because most of my happiness comes from the smallest things like groceries (I have cheese, milk, and bread! Hurrah!!), seeing the Milky Way at night, roses and cows outside my kitchen window, a new friend, a new room/housemate, and clean laundry! There’s more, like going to the beach, finishing my first French novel (though I didn’t actually like it, tant pis), eating cherries off the trees, feeling the sun warm my back, sleeping in on Friday morning… anyway, I am feeling very very blessed to be here.

It’s easy to love the Lord when I feel so loved by Him; I pray that this positivity also flows into my work and my conversations and interactions with my housemate, coworkers, and the concert-goers. I pray that even in good times I will remember the trials and so have compassion on others and bring Him delight in any way that I can. And I pray that my heart will ever be filled with thanksgiving and the desire to serve mon Seigneur, Jésus-Christ. Amen.


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