un témoin en français

Sunday morning, 4 août, 2013; WEEK 5! Wow. Praise the Lord, He knows all things. I can’t believe (except that I can, haha) the conversation I just had with my new room-housemate, the newly recruited intern from Strasbourg (which sounds really German but it’s French). Her name is Alissa and she’s half French, half Japanese, […]

better days

2 août, 2013 Friday, early afternoon, end of WEEK 4 I’m so happy right now, I find it hard to believe! I’m also starting to have trouble typing on my American keyboard because my fingers think a bunch of the letters are supposed to be in different places now (#gettingusedtoFrance!). This is the prayer I […]

interesting conversations, part II

30 juillet That was Sunday afternoon. Today (Tuesday) in the office, I chatted with Alain (the ~45 yr old accountant who is my pal because he shares his cheese with me and teaches me little bits of French grammar etc.) and Margot about the economic crisis and money laundering, what they thought of François Hollande […]

interesting conversations, part I

28 juillet Starting to have slightly longer and more meaningful conversations and interactions with people (at work and with the couple I’m staying with, albeit only for 2 more days >.<), which is great! Something that was simultaneously (sort of) encouraging and disconcerting—my brief conversation with Tristan (one of my colleagues at the festival, 25 […]

scattered thoughts

end of WEEK 3 beginning of WEEK 4; 28 juillet So I was recruited to pick cherries from the garden before lunchtime on Sunday afternoon, and they really do stain your fingers red (and sweet)! Hehe. I really enjoyed it, bees and all (danger! excitement! but… not too much, s’il vous plait)! I think I’d […]

reality strikes!

end of WEEK 3, Saturday and Sunday, 27-28 juillet 2013 Reality strikes! …in the form of multiple grands orages, thunderstorms that fly in out of nowhere, cut the electricity off at random, either in flashes, 5-6 times within half an hour (so I have to keep restarting the office computer -___-) or just completely blacking […]