les petits aventures dans la cuisine

19 juillet 2013, 3pm

(brief update, I’m staying at this Christian couples’ house for two weeks total, it’s been a week now but this happened when I first moved in)

Mince! Est-ce que j’ai cassé le teapot??

So I tried the water from the tap in the kitchen yesterday when I got here, and it tasted kind of like chlorine or something else unpleasant, so I decided to boil it in the water boiler. I made some tea with the first round of water and noticed two white specks in my tea, but I just picked them out and attributed them to the cup which I had forgotten to pre-rinse. As I drank the water later throughout the day, however, I felt like it was making my throat feel weirdly sandy… this afternoon I finally inspected the water boiler and, lo and behold, murky white water with little specks of paint floating all around in it! I cleaned it out and found that the bottom coating of the machine was in fact chipping… but there’s a tiny filter at the mouth of the boiler so it catches most of the specks, which is why I didn’t notice earlier. That’s pretty gross either way, I thought, and I don’t really want to be slowly poisoned by the paint in a water boiler, so I set about looking for a normal teapot to use.

Huzzah! A pretty brown teapot in the cupboard. I rinsed it carefully, filled it, and set it on the fire to boil. I thought, it’ll probably take a couple minutes so I’ll just take a bathroom break and then it’ll be ready! Unfortunately the soap dispenser decided to attack my shorts so I may have spent a few extra minutes trying to clean myself off, but I really didn’t think it was that long—the teapot in the first house where I lived took forever to boil water (I guess it was just really sturdy…), so this should have been fine. I turned off the water, got my teacup and teabag ready, and lifted the teapot by its handle—only to watch about 1.5 liters of hot water fall straight out of the pot and flood over the tiny stove! I was completely shocked, qu’est-ce que c’est que ça?! Staring at the teapot in my hand, and then at the perfect circular piece of porcelain sitting happily on the stove, I realized that the entire bottom of the teapot had cracked and split cleanly from the body! I’m not entirely sure if it was already like that to begin with (but you’d think I would’ve noticed it when I was cleaning it…), or if the fire had actually been too hot (I’m starting to believe the latter, though I didn’t believe it at first because it had been such a small fire, and just for three minutes or so!)… anyway the teapot is not broken and I must now reconcile myself to drink possibly paint-contaminated water. Or boil it in an actual pot over the stove. On verra. XD

Edit: 23 juillet Yeah… I decided not to drink that paintey water anymore because I think it was actually making me sick. So now I’m just bringing water home from work, in my water bottle… it’s okay, I’m actually only living here for one more week, then going back to La Genestrelle, so then I’ll have potable water available to me again XD.


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