À La Genestrelle

~10 juillet 2013, but written 2 weeks later

This is way out of date by now, but I’ll just say a few things about La Genestrelle, which was the little house in the middle of nowhere that I was living in for the first 2 weeks, and will move back into next week! I was really worried about this housing situation because of all the bad things last year’s intern had said about it (super isolated, no internet or phone single, not a house in sight, depressing lonely etc etc). So I had really low expectations, and as with everything else I’ve seen here, I was really blessed by the reality! The house is actually really pretty, and while somewhat isolated, perfectly comfortable and well-equipped with cooking supplies, a washing machine, good lighting, and screens on all the doors and windows (which by now I’ve found to be extremely important… it saves you a good amount of terror each night when you don’t have to worry about running into giant flying things in the bathroom… and everywhere else >.<).

This is also the first time I’ve really had to cook for myself 24/7… so I’m glad I had a few basic lessons from my ah yee before I left home, though I can’t really make any of the dishes she taught me because I don’t have the ingredients for them in Normandy. I also ran into some trouble with 1) not knowing what to do with onion halves leftover from cooking (if I leave them outside they dry up, if I put them in the fridge, they stink up everything else! >.< My only solution has been to eat them as soon as possible XD) 2) slightly rotten veggies… on account of my being dumb and forgetting to store them in the fridge ahhhh~ 3) I even ruined my xin ramen!! >.< too much water. Well, not ruined, but disappointing. I brought 5 packets of ramen for desperate times and as a homesickness remedy heh. 1 for each week, approx. So the first time wasn’t great, but two nights ago I ate the best ramen ever, having had just the right amount of water and an egg, onions, beansprouts, tuna (kinda weird, but it was left over and I didn’t want to waste it, tasted fine)—PERFECTION. lol. Silly, how happy some ramen can make you when you’re in a foreign country.

On the other hand, I also made myself some very pretty sandwich-biscuit-things for breakfast one day. 😀



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