2 poems

25 juillet, 2013–Thursday night

[The first one is just a thought I had during my walk, because the garden is full of cherry trees. :)]

les cerises dans les arbres

love is like
a gardenful of
d r i p p i n g
by their stems,
stained sweet,
(and sometimes


[The second one is something that’s been following me around for a few days now, and while I don’t normally like to write rhyming poems, I thought it would be nice to try it.]

sometimes I feel like God’s not there

but then He whispers in my ear
you know that you have naught to fear
for I am here, I am here.

I wander through the garden trees
and listen to the evening breeze
it rustles past the drying leaves
and gently pulls upon my sleeves

I wonder what I’m doing here
and how much silence I can bear
and why the Lord should call me dear
but still I know, He’s here, He’s here.

The flowers grow despite the eaves
that shadow them from sun and bees
I laugh to think that with such ease
He tells me that he is so pleased

Even if I should take the rear
and drag alongside days so drear
as long as I have ears to hear

I’ll have no fear, The Lord is near.

[formatting was supposed to be just five quatrains, but I couldn’t get the weird spacing out of the last line so this works too XD]


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