Paris in the Spring(?)

6 juillet 2013
Wandering though Paris on my own on Saturday morning: I could get used to this! Walking around in the middle of Paris and along the Seine River was as romantic and exciting as I’d always imagined… funny, because I was there on vacation with my family when I was 12, and I saw some familiar spots, but still the feeling was completely different. Something about being alone, being able to read the street signs and understand the conversations of passersby, or maybe just the chocolate croissant in my belly—all of it made me think, wow, I’m going to love it here when I study abroad next Spring!

Here's the real Seine River, not just a painting :)

Here’s the real Seine River, not just a painting 🙂

19 juillet 2013
Two weeks later, I’m a little more hesitant about this whole study abroad thing… talking to an alumna and being here all summer makes me realize all the more how much I love Pton, and as she said, why not get the most out of your Pton education while you’re there, and study abroad afterwards? I mean, I do kind of have the rest of my life to travel, right? Then again I feel like it would be more effective for me to study la littérature française in a French school in France, n’est-ce pas? And if being here for just 2 weeks has already been so good for my French, what would 6-7 months do? Je ne peux pas vraiment l’imaginer… And if I don’t end up studying abroad in France, then I wind up questioning my major choice again—why not study English? It’s so much easier to read! I still have time to change my mind! (Oh no, not again >.<)

Struggles… but not really—I guess I just have too many good things to choose from! But it’s okay, I still have the rest of this summer to figure things out, and in any case I know now, just keep looking in His direction, and every step will take me somewhere better than the last!


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