Le jazz et une nouvelle amie~

11 juillet, cont’d

Thursday night, C brought me to a jazz concert held in front of a château (it served as a fancy background to the stage) at Mézidon-Canon, which was gorgeous. Amateur musiciens, apparently, but I thought they were pretty good, especially the guy on the double-bass. It was there that I had my first ever cup of Norman apple cidre, which was pretty good, and de plus, I made my first real French friend! C introduced me to this random lady that she didn’t even know very well, and when that lady discovered that I knew something about Hong Kong, she introduced me to her daughter Émilie, who grew up in Normandie but has been working in HK for a few years teaching at an international kindergarten. I ended up talking to Émilie for about two hours (most of the concert, though we did listen too, and dance a little because it was cold haha), about everything from rock music to frogs feet (apparently the French eat a lot of bizarre things too, just like the Chinese! But of course, I’d forgotten that French people were gourmands haha)—all en français! I was very proud of myself, though it helped that she had very good English too, so much of the time we were speaking a form of what she called franglais (ah, just like Chinglish! I said :P). I wonder if I can eventually develop some sort of franglainoise (français-anglais-chinoise) when I get better at speaking French. ^^ [ah, VT, nous pouvons l’essayer l’année prochaine, ça va? kekeke]


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