L’Amour de Ste. Thérèse

11 juillet 2013


I wrote about this a little already, but last Thursday was my first jour de congé (day off, or rather, my replacement weekend because Saturdays and Sundays are for concerts and we work longer hours then!), and C dropped me off in the closest big (or rather, medium-sized but quite big for around here) town called Lisieux. I visited the Basilique de Sainte Thérèse, who was made a saint not for anything particularly grand, but solely because she loved the Lord passionately to the end of her days, which were unfortunately painful as she died of TB at the age of 24. Her writings were what made her life and her love known to others after she passed away (one reason why it’s good to keep a journal, tu vois). I was really encouraged by the things I learned about Ste. Thérèse, especially as they resonated with the things that God had told me just that morning—je ne doit pas fait rien d’extraordinaire, seulement aimer Seigneur et aimer les autres autant que possible, ça suffit. After that I spent a lovely afternoon exploring Lisieux, which included visiting the Cathedral of St. Pierre and eating a salted caramel crêpe. 🙂

Quote from the writings of Ste. Thérèse: Ma vocation, c’est l’Amour. I think this is true for all of us.


This was her daily schedule. It’s kind of amazing to see how much time she spent just praying! And it’s also possible that “travail” (work) also includes prayer, as I read in a brochure somewhere that that’s what it meant for nuns to “work.” Some people might find a life like this to be futile, but I actually think it’s quite a powerful example of how God uses us in different ways. Prayer is one of the most powerful tools that God has given us, and I’m sure he listened to Ste. Thérèses’ as well! After she died, her life has also inspired a lot of missions work… so you may not ever see the fruit, but others will!


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