more praises and grace!

euh… I just looked at what my last post sounds like on Google Translate and it’s not a great translation, haha… so if you can’t read French, in short, I was very lonely and then I was not lonely anymore, because God reminded me of his love and of his presence no matter where I am! 😀 After singing worship songs and dancing all through the little house that I currently call my home (it’s also named La Genestrelle), I finally felt comfortable there, knowing that I am never really alone.

And just when I had reconciled myself to this fate, voilà! God opened another door for me to actually be with other people! My employer Mme C came to fetch me in the afternoon, I thought, to go shopping for groceries, but in fact she dropped me off at the gorgeous Basilica of St. Thérèse while she went to do her shopping, and I had an amazing time exploring the church as well as walking around the town of Lisieux, which is the closest ville to where I live and work (St.-Ouen-le-Pin). I was really happy to see her, and to have the chance to see Lisieux, and what’s more, she told me that the couple who had taken me to mass on Sunday (because, praise the Lord, I also met a Christian couple the first day I arrived, who brought me to church!) had offered to let me stay in the little house just next to theirs (on the same property, basically next door) if I wanted to, once they get back from their 10-day trip to London! And so, I will no longer have to be alone starting next week, at least until mid-august when their kids and grandkids arrive, but by then I’ll be fine to return to La Genestrelle anyway. Ah, praise the Lord, I know that it is not a coincidence at all that this should happen, and I am infinitely grateful. I don’t have a lot of internet time, alas, so I will update more on my week later if I get the chance. 🙂


2 thoughts on “more praises and grace!

  1. YAY ❤ i love youuuuu
    write us long updates on microsoft word and then send them when you have internet!
    i miss you and love you so very much and praying for you jia you jia you you are never ever alone 🙂 <333

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