2 poems

25 juillet, 2013–Thursday night [The first one is just a thought I had during my walk, because the garden is full of cherry trees. :)] les cerises dans les arbres love is like a gardenful of cherries d r i p p i n g by their stems, from Treetops to Fingertips, stained sweet, RED. (and […]

À La Genestrelle

~10 juillet 2013, but written 2 weeks later This is way out of date by now, but I’ll just say a few things about La Genestrelle, which was the little house in the middle of nowhere that I was living in for the first 2 weeks, and will move back into next week! I was […]

roses and thorns (thorn first)

Worst thing about work: la toilette sèche. It’s a dry toilet, this weird contraption that involves a bucket and woodchips in an outhouse, and seems to be sanitary enough, but smells horrible and is a favorite hang-out place for all manner of flying black creatures… I hate it, but coming from China, I’ve seen worse […]

Le jazz et une nouvelle amie~

11 juillet, cont’d Thursday night, C brought me to a jazz concert held in front of a château (it served as a fancy background to the stage) at Mézidon-Canon, which was gorgeous. Amateur musiciens, apparently, but I thought they were pretty good, especially the guy on the double-bass. It was there that I had my […]

L’Amour de Ste. Thérèse

11 juillet 2013 I wrote about this a little already, but last Thursday was my first jour de congé (day off, or rather, my replacement weekend because Saturdays and Sundays are for concerts and we work longer hours then!), and C dropped me off in the closest big (or rather, medium-sized but quite big for […]

Culture et Patrimoine, Bonjour!

8, 9, 10 juillet 2013: Work Life I am officially a stagiaire (intern) at Culture et Patrimoine, the office that runs Les Promenades Musicales de Pays d’Auge (year 19!), a music festival that is holding 16 concerts this summer between 14 juil. and 19 août! I say ‘official’ because my name (and position) is printed […]

Basse Normandie

WEEK ONE cont’d Basse Normandie is the most consistently beautiful place I’ve ever seen, full of rolling green hills and farms dotted with big yellow bales of hay, cows and horses always grazing nearby, little white and brown wooden beamed cottages and of course, apple trees. This is the region of Northern France where my […]

Vouvoyer vs. Tutoyer

back to WEEK ONE, thoughts from: 6 juillet- 13 juillet A two-hour train ride took me from Paris to Lisieux, where I was picked up by my employer, who I’ve been calling Mme C, except that she told me recently not to call her Mme anymore, as it makes her feel old. So, just C. […]