Divine repetition, right?

When God tells us the same thing in multiple ways, it always seems to blow our minds. But it shouldn’t, because we should be expecting to hear from him, right? My friend always laughs and says, “Divine repetition, right? God is so good.” Here’s a little divine repetition from above that I received today:

I opened up my Bible just now to Zechariah chapter 2, and though I had originally intended to go to Psalms, I was curious and started reading because I’m very unfamiliar with this book. I will let it speak for itself.

Then I looked up, and there before me was a man with a measuring line in his hand. I asked, “Where are you going?”

He answered me, “To measure Jerusalem, to find out how wide and how long it is.”

While the angel who was speaking to me was leaving, another angel came to meet him and said to him: “Run, tell that young man, ‘Jerusalem will be a city without walls because of the great number of people and animals in it. And I myself will be a wall of fire around it,’ declares the Lord, ‘and I will be its glory within.’

Stop trying to build your wall with your silly measuring line. The city is so big, it’ll take forever. But that’s okay, because the Lord is here and he will surround us with a wall of fireLord, let your spirit blaze from within. Let this campus be a city without walls because of the great number of people singing your name in praise, bursting with your glory and surrounded by walls of flame. Amen!


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