Before I go to bed tonight

In the wake of a Hurricane, I wonder

how many of us are still sleeping?

it’s the first day

but I’m already so tired.


God gave me stars again today

but I almost couldn’t see them

though I blocked out the

single street lamp, still,

a haze unrelated to my eyes.

how do you hold onto delight?


The fire alarm sounds

it blares against my ear

drumming a physical pain

but it drives us to move

and maybe pain is not so bad

if it brings healing


I wonder where we’re going

when we don’t know which road

this is except it’s the right one.


[Today I learned that boys cry a lot more than girls do and that most of us aren’t sure about the future; we always get so defensive about our beliefs, even when no one is really attacking them, and four hours are usually better spent in company than not. And I decided to write this poem just now, which isn’t really about any of these things.]


I’ll leave off backseat driving

because I haven’t got my license yet

though I realize this is a boat

and we’ll go wherever the wind takes us,

even if I jump and it blows me four feet

back to the beginning.


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